Hi, we're Care to be Cosy!

Hello, and welcome to our first blog!

I'm Dana, the founder of Care to be Cosy. I wanted to start writing blogs about the business, the animals we help, and everything in-between!

So if you're reading this, thankyou ever so much for your support and interest in Care to be Cosy!

To kick start our first ever blog, I'll write a little about CTBC, along with how and why we got started.

As I'm sure you already know, we are a newly launched small business, our motto is to 'Help those both near and far', meaning we provide support to both domestic animals in your local rescue centre, all the way to wild animals on the other side of the world! 

As someone who has grown up passionate about animals and the world, I wanted to start a business that is all about helping them. Our earth and the animals on it need our help now more than ever, many are suffering with numbers declining, mainly at the hands of humans.

We donate 10% from each sale to a relevant charity of your chosen design, and provide you with some very sweet looking clothes at the same time!

 I wanted to launch with two of my favourite wild animals, the Sumatran Orangutan, critically endangered, and the Sea Turtle, endangered. Not only are they both extremely cute (and you know it), they are both at risk of extinction.

Along with these, we also launched a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Greyhound design! These are two breeds who in the UK are very commonly up for adoption and need our help. The Staffy is a very misunderstood breed, where many find themselves in rescue centres waiting for that special someone to give them a new home. Greyhounds are also a breed vastly found in centres, they are used for racing in the gambling industry resulting in a high number requiring adoption after their careers have ended.

Both are breeds that need our endless support.

Hopefully, little by little, us like minded people can begin to make a difference to the lives of these animals, and we can also represent them on our Care to be Cosy clothes!

Thanks for having a read, feel free to message with anything you'd like to read about in a blog, I would love to hear suggestions!

 Dana x